Anisotropic growth of gold nanoparticles using cationic gemini surfactants: effects of structure variations in head and tail groups

T. Jain, A. R. Tehrani-Bagha, H. Shekhar, R. Crawford, E. Johnson, K. Nørgaard, K. Holmberg, P. Erhart, and K. Moth-Poulsen
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2, 994 (2014)
doi: 10.1039/C3TC32057J

A library of gemini surfactants is employed to study surfactant directed anisotropic growth of gold nanoparticles. The surfactants are modified with respect to the length and type of the tails, as well as of the spacer group. By analyzing the structure of the anisotropic nanoparticles, it is possible to extract inf