This is the home of the Computational Materials Research group, a subunit of the Division of Condensed Matter and Materials Theory at the Department of Physics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg (Sweden). We study ma­ter­ials for energy conversion and storage using electronic and atomic scale modeling, with the goal of improving existing and finding new materials.

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Congratulations Christopher!

On May, 18th 2020 Christopher successfully defended his licentiate thesis titled Everything is imperfect: Studies on point defects in insulators.

Congratulations Mattias!

On March, 27th 2020 Mattias successfully defended his doctoral thesis titled Atomic scale modeling of ordering phenomena. Congratulations Mattias and thank y...

Mattias defends his thesis

Today (Friday, March 27) Mattias Ångqvist defends his PhD thesis titled Atomic scale modeling of ordering phenomena, which largely revolves around cluster ex...