Advancing molecular solar thermal storage

Renewable and clean energy sources are a very active research area. As an increasing part of our energy demand is provided from renewables, technologies for storage and load levelling become ever more important in order to compensate for daily and seasonal variations in energy production and demand. In this context, molecular solar thermal storage (MOST) systems provide an attractive alternative.

Together with the group of Kasper Moth-Poulsen at Chemistry, we have now worked for several years on a particular MOST system, known as the norbornadiene-quadricyclane (NQ) couple. In the last months, we published a number of papers that represent considerable progress in this field including the realization of liquid NQ systems, high-energy density oligomers, and NQ systems that provide an unprecedented combination of storage time and solar spectrum match. These papers were highlighted on the covers of Advanced Energy Materials and Chemistry — A European Journal.